Jerusalem Artichokes our Passion

At Topinambur Manufaktur, we have been passionate about growing and processing Jerusalem artichokes for over 16 years. As a certified organic family business, we work closely with partners in Germany and are committed to sustainability and fair trade.

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From fresh tubers and seedlings to innovative specialties and valuable foods, we offer almost everything made from Jerusalem artichokes. We are constantly developing new products with a great deal of passion in order to bring the diverse possibilities of this unique and, above all, healthy tuber to life. Preserving the diversity of varieties is just as important to us. That's why we actively grow over 25 different varieties of Jerusalem artichoke in our small variety garden.

We do not use imports or cold stores, which is why fresh Jerusalem artichokes and seed tubers are only available seasonally from October to April.

Jerusalem artichokes - healthy, sustainable and versatile

-Wide range of uses: Whether raw, cooked, roasted or baked - Jerusalem artichokes are a true all-rounder in the kitchen.

-Valuable ingredients: Rich in inulin, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

-Very healthy: Ideal for diabetes, diet and metabolic problems

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