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Jerusalem artichoke is a versatile crop originating in South America. The attractive plant belongs to the family of sunflower plants and forms valuable, edible tubers in the soil. The ginger-like, potato-sized tubers of the 3.5 m to 4 m tall perennial are particularly appreciated for their high Inulinehaltes. The plant is a wonderful eye-catcher in the garden, is an excellent, healthy vegetables for the self-sufficient and is ideal for the Wildacker.

For some time, the Jerusalem artichoke plant has been experiencing a renaissance. In times of superfood, Jerusalem artichoke has been "rediscovered" as a natural remedy mainly due to the high proportion of inulin, which has a positive effect especially in diabetes, diets or metabolic diseases.Topinambur is listed in the list E of medicinal plants under the Latin name Helianthus tuberosus. The multiple sugar inulin contained in the Jerusalem artichoke tuber has a prebiotic effect, improves the metabolism and has an appetite suppressing effect.

Topinambur has been in Europe since the 17th century. known. The sweet-tasting tuber was displaced by the more storable potato in the middle of the 18th century. Topinambur is easier to grow, healthier and more versatile in use than the potato. In neighboring European countries, especially in France, Jerusalem artichokes are a popular, widespread vegetable with a variety of recipes. In Japan, Jerusalem artichoke is used and appreciated especially in the health sector.

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Fresh Jerusalem artichoke tubers, a healthy delicacy
There are high quality foods made from the Jerusalem artichoke tuber, such as Chips, crispbread, flour, juice, syrup and brandy. Jerusalem artichoke offers a wealth of valuable ingredients like no other vegetables and has a prebiotic effect due to its high inulin content. The nutty, sweetish tuber saturates quickly and slows down blood sugar intake. It is successfully used in diabetes therapy, intestinal rehabilitation, metabolic diseases and diets.

Maybe you know Jerusalem artichoke also under the names, Jerusalem Artichoke, Diabetic Potato, Tobinambur, Topi, Rossler or Sun Root or the English term "Sun Root"

Prebiotic vegetables, versatile
The plant offers many fascinating properties that can be used easily and sustainably.

Jerusalem artichoke is:

a healthy winter vegetables
a delicacy
the vegetables with the highest inulin content
particularly beneficial for diabetics, diets and for intestinal health
a beautiful up to 3.5 m tall flowering plant
ideal for the game and hunting
as animal feed for colic and intestinal complaints
a renewable resource
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