Fresh Jerusalem Artichokes

Healthy Cuisine, Tubers in the Garden and for the Game Acre

Jerusalem artichoke, the sunflower plant with a healthy tuber, is very versatile. In the healthy diet, Jerusalem artichoke gains importance in addition to its nutty, crisp and fresh taste because it has optimizing and positive properties on the metabolism. Topinambur has high season in winter Fresh Jerusalem artichokes can be found between October and April! In summer, the plants then grow up to 4 m in height. Good Jerusalem artichokes should have got frost before, so that the multiple sugar inulin is optimally formed. The tuber, in the 17th century. came from America is absolutely frost hardy and can be harvested even in winter under snow. Healthy cuisineOb raw, cooked or baked. Jerusalem artichoke always tastes good and there are many recipes for good use. The tubers that should not be peeled can be processed as a salad or garnish or in delicious casseroles. Diabetics appreciate the tuber because of appetite-suppressing and prebioticGarden and Wildacker The Jerusalem artichoke plant grows up to 4 m high and needs enough space in the garden. For this she rewards from mid to late August with beautiful golden-yellow flower heads that bloom far into autumn. Jerusalem artichoke is very stable and can even be used as a windscreen, a special plant Let yourself be surprised by the variety and the positive qualities this unfortunately forgotten plant has to offer. Jerusalem artichoke is beautiful, has valuable ingredients and is very healthy. With Jerusalem artichoke you can prepare excellent dishes ... burn good schnapps ... create a wild field for hunting ... get the diabetes under control ... lose weight ... just try it yourself!
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Items  1 - 18 of 18

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