Jerusalem Artichokes our Passion

Since 2008, we are committed to Jerusalem artichoke. We process and build this fascinating plant. In addition, we would like to provide comprehensive information about the forgotten tuber plant. Because we are not only enthusiastic, but convinced that Jerusalem artichoke is valuable! We work together with other partners in Germany and pay attention to sustainability and fair treatment. We are a small, bio-certified family business and proud of our diverse, diverse agriculture. In addition, we are pleased to be able to develop and offer Germany's most extensive assortment of topinambour products. Through our new variety garden we contribute to the preservation of variety varieties of Jerusalem artichoke. Topinambur health and wellbeing Fresh from the field to your home, we offer premium food and seedlings for a healthy, balanced and invigorating diet. Our Jerusalem artichoke products are suitable for the kitchen as well as for the diabetes therapy and the healthy nutrition.h you will also find the popular topinambur schnapps in our assortment. Our specialties offer a special, unique topinambour experience that you can only find here! Planting material for garden and wild-harvesting areaWe offer certified seedlings for garden and wild-field and the valuable Jerusalem artichoke animal feed especially for the digestion of animals. From the single tuber to the entire system of a wild packer, we are happy to advise you. Please keep in mind that fresh Jerusalem artichokes and tubers are only available from October to April!
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