Jerusalem Artichoke for Eating and Drinking

Jerusalem artichoke variety, enjoyment and health

As a food, the Jerusalem artichoke tuber enjoyed great popularity, especially in France after its introduction in the early 17th century. However, it was largely displaced after the introduction of the more fertile and storable potato.As a delicacy and appreciated because of the diverse preparation options, there are now many recipes.

The tuber can be prepared raw, cooked, fried or baked. The healthy vegetables are one of the few vegetables that can be harvested fresh in winter. Fresh Jerusalem artichoke is available from October to the end of April. Outside the Jerusalem artichoke season, we offer dried Jerusalem artichokes .

For the many uses in the kitchen you will find our recipes here .

Healthy vegetables from the garden

The tubers are popular with diabetics, as they consist of 16% carbohydrates in the form of the multiple sugar inulin(not to be confused with insulin). Jerusalem artichoke has an appetite suppressant effect . This feature was already used by the Indians of North America and took topinambur tubers on their long hikes with. Jerusalem artichoke is absolutely low in fat and, at 30 kcal / 126 KJ per 100 g, has only about half the calories, such as a potato.

With 250g of fresh Jerusalem artichoke you cover your daily fiber needs .

 Please note that due to the high inulin content of the tuber the digestion is stimulated. 
 This can cause bloating. 
 Therefore, eat at the beginning rather little but regularly.

Here you can buy Jerusalem artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes are tasty and full

The tuber has a firm bite such as kohlrabi or carrots. Avoid peeling Jerusalem artichoke and get the valuable ingredients. The taste is slightly nutty and sweet . Freshly cut Jerusalem artichoke turns brownish quickly. The discoloring of the cut tuber will prevent dribbling with fresh lemon juice. Jerusalem artichoke is quickly filling, barely raises blood sugar levels and is extremely healthy.

Raw best

Of course you know that Jerusalem artichoke can be eaten raw . Wash the Jerusalem artichoke clean under water and cut into thin slices. You can use Jerusalem artichoke in any salad or, especially popular as a topinambour carpaccio.

Roast and cook

Jerusalem artichokes fried in a pan is a tasty accompaniment to many dishes. Topinambur is boiled in salted water in about 10 to 15 minutes, losing its crisp freshness and becoming a bit sweeter. You can also prepare a Jerusalem artichoke puree. Eat Jerusalem artichokes at the beginning in moderation to avoid unwanted side effects.

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Main course, side dish and desert

Be creative. As a main course, salad or garnish that is also good to use as a diabetic or Indian potato. Combine Jerusalem artichokes with apple and nuts to creative desserts and let the versatility surprise you.

Tips for dealing with the Jerusalem artichoke tuber

When dealing with Jerusalem artichoke, there are a few tips you should follow to have as much pleasure as possible with this fascinating fruit.

  • Start with small amounts but regular consumption. The intestinal flora must adapt to the implementation of inulin s, so the Jerusalem artichoke is probiotic.
  • At the beginning, eat regularly a tuber and increase the consumption after a time.
  • Brush tuber only under cold water, do not peel. Under the shell sit, as with almost all fruits the most valuable ingredients. Scrub the Jerusalem artichoke well and do not stress with the peel! However, if you prefer to peel the fruit, keep in mind that the fruit will turn brownish quickly. You can prevent that with a few splashes of lemon juice.
  • Raw Jerusalem artichoke is the healthiest, easy to add to any salad. The great thing about Jerusalem artichoke is its versatility. Try it raw, add to salads and other raw foods. You will be enthusiastic.
  • The tubers are stored in a closed container in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks. It is best to store the Jerusalem artichoke in a box in the fridge. If you can make a small ground rent, then you can store and enjoy the Jerusalem artichoke until the end of April.

Good Appetite

Jerusalem artichoke schnapps

You can process Jerusalem artichoke very well into high quality spirits. The brandies taste intensively light earthy and with a clear note. Topinambur is mainly burned in small distilleries in the Baden region. There is Jerusalem artichoke schnapps also known as Rossler. You will appreciate the herb-flavored Jerusalem artichoke liqueur for its positive qualities and good taste.

The processing of Jerusalem artichoke brings ergibige alcohol yields is not very easy due to the high inulin content. You need a special enzyme and a special fermenter to successfully enter the topinambur schnapps production.

We wish you much success and pleasure with your own topinambur schnapps and liqueur

Our Jerusalem artichoke spirits

Jerusalem artichoke schnapps

• Clean the tubers very conscientiously and thoroughly, in the last wash use hot water Jerusalem artichoke spirits - a pleasure
• Crush and stomp the tubers to mash 
• Place the mash in a mixing bowl with agitator 
• Use as enzyme TOPIZYM®, dosage 20-30 ml / 100 kg Jerusalem artichoke; 
 Add the pure yeast eg TOPIFERM® , dosage 20-30 g / 100 kg Jerusalem artichoke; 
• Mashing temperature (15-30 ° C), if necessary adding warm water. 
• Total fermentation time approx. 5-8 days, ideally the mash temperature ideal is 30 ° C after 30 hours; 
• Carbonic acid formation with the pure-bred yeast Topinferm can only be observed after 8-12 hours 
• final degree of fermentation 1-1.5% mas; 
• Distill the mash immediately.

Instructions for making alcohol from Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke liqueur

You need: 
250g topiunambur 
400g candy sugar 
700ml of vodka

Clean Topinmbur unpeeled with a hand brush and chop into small pieces 
Place topinambur pieces in a translucent approx. 2 l large container 
Add candy and the alcohol, seal tightly and store in a dark corner for 2-3 months 
After the candy has dissolved, filter the mixture several times and let it mature for a further 2 months in tightly capped bottles 
The longer the Jerusalem artichoke liqueur matures the better the taste.

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