Ingredients and Nutritons of Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke a special plant

Jerusalem artichoke has been a delicacy since the 17th century. The sunflower species repressed by the potato delights with its nutty-sweet taste. The Indians or Diabetikerkopfoffel is currently experiencing a renaissance of top chefs and health-conscious customers. Jerusalem artichoke has the highest content of inulin for all diabetics and is prebiotic. The "great tuber" is due to the pronounced Ballastsoff- and protein content as an insider tip in diets.

More potassium than bananas ...

Jerusalem artichokes contain many important vitamins such as carotene, B1, B2, B6, C, D, nicotinic acid and biotin. Jerusalem artichoke has a higher potassium content than bananas (400 - 800 mg / 100g) and contains numerous trace elements .


Ingredients of the tuber

Energy value per 100g:

30 kcal / 126 KJ, for comparison potatoes: 85 kcal / 356 KJ

100 g fresh Jerusalem artichoke tubers contain approx .:

100 g fresh Jerusalem artichoke tubers contain approx .:

Energy value 30 kcal / 126 KJ 
Water 70 - 80 g 
Protein 2 - 9 g 
Carbohydrates 15 - 25 g 
Fat 0.5 g 
Inulin 7 - 16g

Total fiber 12 - 22g


A 2 mg 
B1 0.2 mg 
B2 0.07 mg 
C 1 - 4 mg

Beta carotene 0.1 mg 
Nicotinic acid (niacin) 1.3 - 1.8 mg

Sodium Na 5 - 18 mg 
Calcium Ca 189 mg 
Magnesium Mg 30 - 75 mg 
Potassium K 400 - 800 mg 
Iron 5 - 18 mg 
Copper 5 mg 
Manganese 8 mg 
Selenium / zinc 1 mg 
Silica 35 mg 
Phosphorus 80 mg


Inulin consists of a chain of at least 10 fructose molecules, shorter chains are called oligofructans or fructo-oligo-saccharides (FOS). They are not degraded by the human organism, have excellent fiber effect and are low in calories 
In contrast, individual fructose molecules are digestible and have a high sweetening power.

Diabetics have a "natural sweetener" available with Jerusalem artichoke, as inulin and fructose do not cause insulin during digestion.

Jerusalem artichoke is prebiotic. The development of the positive lactobacilli and bifidus bacteria of the intestinal flora is promoted and the digestive activity is stimulated. 
Topical is the satiating and weight-reducing effect of Jerusalem artichokes in light of the increasing problems of malnutrition and obesity. 
The phytochemicals (Poyphenole) have antioxidant capacity. As scavengers of free radicals they are said to have anti-cancer and immune-enhancing effects. In Jerusalem artichoke 22 polyphenols are detected. 

In animal nutrition, Jerusalem artichoke is a veritable health food crop for pets as well as livestock. 
It has taste advantages and influence on feed intake and utilization. Their prebiotic 'clean-up function' can regenerate a damaged gastrointestinal flora and reduce the use of medication.

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