Pet Food

Topinambur healthy for humans and animals

What is healthy for humans and has a positive effect can also be observed in animals. Topinambur, for example, is of great importance in animals with disturbed metabolism and intestinal problems. But of course topinambur tastes like herb or tuber. Horses, dogs and rodents love Jerusalem artichokes, and animals like horses love Jerusalem artichokes as supplementary food. When mixed with food and softened with water, Jerusalem artichoke helps dogs with intestinal complaints.Topinambur is highly valued and valuable as food for rodents such as dwarf rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs. The ingredients are of course also valuable for animals. Also very valuable in the huntAs Wildacker can be stable over the years, topinambur is also used in the care and care for protection against wildlife in the forest. We only use parts of the Jerusalem artichoke plant that are unsuitable for human consumption. These are mainly the stems and foliage of the plant.

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