Healthy Weight Loss with Jerusalem Artichoke

Healthy weight loss with topinambur

The tasty tuber is rich in vitamins, trace elements and minerals. As a slimming food, it is mainly known because of the fiber inulin. If you are on a diet or want to lose weight then you can benefit in a simple and healthy way from the many benefits of Jerusalem artichoke.

Lose weight without starving

Even our ancestors were able to successfully survive famines thanks to Jerusalem artichokes. Perhaps that's why topinambur has fallen into disrepair as poor people's meals. Inulin is contained in the about fist-sized tuber to about 10-15%. The fiber swells in the stomach and saturates so even before the actual metabolism. Therefore drink enough water if you want to lose weight with Jerusalem artichoke to increase this effect. Thanks to the low calorie (20kcal / 100g) and the high fiber content of the blood sugar level is hardly charged.

Regulate digestion permanently

Inulin not only saturates pleasant, it also contributes to a harmonization of the intestinal flora , can optimize metabolic processes and generally stimulates digestion. You can tell by the fact that at the beginning of your Jerusalem artichoke cure you may be confronted with unpleasant flatulence.The indigestible inulin serves to increase the healthy bacteria in the intestine and thus displace diseased microorganisms.

Versatility is the trump card

Jerusalem artichoke is available for your diet in various forms. Food should also be a cure as such is classified Jerusalem artichoke. You can use fresh tubers or dried products in various dosage forms for your diet . A continuous diet with Jerusalem artichoke has proven to be successful. There are studies that assume a positive influence of inulin at a daily intake between 5-8 (10) g. (Study Tomotari Mitsuoka University of Tokyo 1987)

Here you can buy Jerusalem artichoke especially for your diet. All our Jerusalem artichoke products are suitable!

Topinambur Fasting cure according to Prof. Bärwald

In the following we describe the fasting cure with Jerusalem artichoke. For fasting, you should first get the opinion of your family doctor.

you need

  • 270g Jerusalem artichoke flour
  • 600g Jerusalem artichoke syrup (bio)
  • 450g soy protein isolate
  • 120g cocoa butter (bio)
  • 120g lactose (bio)

The dough-like mixture is portioned, shaped into bite- sized "vitality balls" and divided for a 6-day course of treatment . You should create about 10 vitality balls per day. These vital balls are eaten as a substitute meal with plenty of fluids throughout the day. A variety of sweetish, topinamburtypischen taste is very easily possible by seasoning and flavoring. A supplementary vitamin supply by drinks or preparations is recommended.

Benefits of Jerusalem artichoke fasting cure with vitality balls are

  • balanced nutrition in the composition, fat protein - fiber content according to EC diet regulation
  • easy to prepare
  • well tolerated
  • filling
  • variable in taste

Before starting fasting, 1-2 days of fruit, water and tea relief and colon cleansing are recommended.

Jerusalem artichoke fasting cure

After preparation of the vitality balls (see instructions), take 1 bullet every hour, 10 times a day for 6 days. The vitality balls must be chewed slowly and thoroughly, for this you must drink 1 glass of water or tea with approx. 200ml. The daily requirement for liquid is 2.5 to 3 l. The intake of unsaturated fatty acids in particular of linoleic acid, as contained in linseed oil, is recommended it is sufficient to one teaspoon freshly pressed linseed oil daily z. For example, before consuming an ACE beverage during the course of treatment. This makes the effectiveness of the absorption of vitamins A and E possible as fat-soluble substances. Please do not take anything else during the fasting cure!

Diet protocol

We recommend that you record your data in the "diet protocol". The diet protocol should include, per day of fasting, the number of meals and the time of eating, the amount and type of fluid taken, the amount of bowel movements, the amount of urine (both estimated), body weight (morning fasting), upper and lower blood pressure (for high blood pressure important!) as well as the pulse rate. Also for the description of the general condition (feeling hungry, appetite, tolerability) and other perceived as important remarks to the fasting cure is provided in each case a column.

Write your personal well-being and your impressions, because fasting is good for body and mind. Use the time you normally spend with food for exercise and activities that will do you good. Be aware of something that is good for you and supports you.

In addition to activity, you should also treat body and mind to rest and rest. Take a little nap after lunch, for example. Especially at the times of a fasting cure, the short-term rest in the daily routine is highly recommended - for body, mind and soul.

During the treatment you will see from the diet protocol the changes that your body and your general well-being experience. They notice changes in the color and smell of the urine and stool the effects of this cure. If flatulence proves to be too troublesome at the beginning of the treatment, then first take 1 to 2 days of purification until the intestinal bacterial flora has changed. The cure may take a little longer. (see also inulin)


If the fasting cure has done you good and you feel comfortable with it, you can go to regular topinamburhaltige drinks, salads and meals. But it can also be carried out purification days with the vitality balls. For this purpose prepare as for fasting cure vitality balls and take them two days a week. The usual meals are then omitted. Through the fasting cure you will feel better, purify your body and achieve optimal weight.

We wish you good success and positive experiences with this fasting cure

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