Do you know Sun Root? A small tuber with a great afford

Jerusalem artichoke is a special plant of the sunflower family. It grows up to 4m high and forms extraordinary, about fist-sized tubers in the soil. As a pure winter vegetable, the plant was previously widely known, but fell into oblivion and was displaced by the potato. For over 10 years, we have specialized in this plant with our small organic farm in the Allgäu.

We're pretty excited about the features and possibilities of this versatile sunflower species. Our sustainable Jerusalem Artichoke manufactory, Die Topinambur Manufaktur, offers you everything with those healthy tubers: from fresh Jerusalem artichokes for eating or planting, to dry products such as flour, bread or powder, to delicious syrups, fine spirits, crispbread or pasta. For gardeners and hunters, we offer wild fields and sorted plant tubers. Discover our unique topinambour products from organic agriculture!

Why many know the Jerusalem artichoke tuber as a diabetic potato


Jerusalem artichoke is versatile and healthy. The health-promoting effect of the tasty organic tuber is mainly due to the inulin. This multiple sugar has probiotic properties and can positively influence the metabolism. Diabetics appreciate this effect, with diets this achieves good results in losing weight and overall stabilizes and optimizes the intestinal flora. On our pages you will find everything about the little wonder of nature. Poke arround through our range of fresh and dried products, learn about the effect and use or discover one of our great Jerusalem artichoke recipes - here is something for everyone!

Tubers for eating, planting and processing

From October to April you will find fresh Jerusalem artichoke tubers from organic farming. Simply choose, as needed, between tubers and tubers. We have put together a selection of delicious recipes for starters, main courses and desserts. The tubers you can use for your garden as a self-sufficient, as an ornamental plant or windbreak or on the Wildacker. The robust Jerusalem artichoke plant is fast growing, undemanding and gets beautiful flowers. But respect is required the vegetable plant is up to 4m high and needs its own place in the garden!
Practically for all seasons and in the kitchen: as flour, chips or powder
The delicious vegetables can be used in many ways and are very easy to process. Therefore you can order with us a variety of dried Jerusalem artichokes variants: z. As flour, bread or cereal, in the form of chips, cubes and granules or as a tea and juice powder. So, healthy eating becomes child's play all year round. Especially for diabetics, the positive characteristics are a clear plus. Stöber now in our offer and also discover tasty syrups, informative books and practical gift ideas.

We love talking about the Jerusalem artichoke plant

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Top offers
Topinambur Chips aus bio Anbau ohne Zusatzstoffe
3,90 € *
39,00 € per 1 kg
Jerusalem artichoke schnapps
13,90 € *
27,80 € per 1 l
Topinambur Skin Oil
7,90 € *
7,90 € per 100 ml
Bio Topinambur Granulat
6,90 € *
34,50 € per 1 kg
Jerusalem artichoke crackers organic
4,90 € *
24,50 € per 1 kg
Jerusalem artichoke flour bio
6,90 € *
34,50 € per 1 kg
Jerusalem artichoke pellets organic 15kg
25,00 € *
2,50 € per 1 kg
Topinambur Chips aus bio Anbau ohne Zusatzstoffe
3,90 € *
39,00 € per 1 kg
Jerusalem artichoke spelled spirelli bio
3,20 € *
12,80 € per 1 kg

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