Tips on Dealing with Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers

When dealing with Jerusalem artichoke, there are a few tips you should follow to have as much pleasure as possible with this fascinating fruit.

Consume Jerusalem artichokes at the beginning in small quantities

  • Start with small amounts but regular consumption. The intestinal flora must adapt to the implementation of inulin, so the Jerusalem artichoke is probiotic.
  • At the beginning, eat regularly a tuber and increase the consumption after a time.

Save the peel

  • Brush tuber only under cold water, do not peel. Under the shell sit, as with almost all fruits the most valuable ingredients. Scrub the Jerusalem artichoke well and do not stress with the peel! However, if you prefer to peel the fruit, keep in mind that the fruit will turn brownish quickly. You can prevent that with a few splashes of lemon juice.

Enjoy Jerusalem artichoke sometimes raw

  • Raw Jerusalem artichoke is the healthiest, easy to add to any salad. The great thing about Jerusalem artichoke is its versatility. Try it raw, add to salads and other raw foods. You will be enthusiastic.

Jerusalem artichokes are easy to store, if you know how ...

  • The tubers are stored in a closed container in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks. It is best to store the Jerusalem artichoke in a box in the fridge. If you can make a small ground rent, then you can store and enjoy the Jerusalem artichoke until the end of April.
  • Even in the freezer, you can conveniently freeze and store Jerusalem artichokes. The tuber is frost hardy to -30C °

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