Jerusalem artichokes products

Jerusalem Artichokes Specialties for daily use

Discover products made from Jerusalem artichokes that we have specially developed to offer you the positive and healthy properties as well as the excellent taste all year round. Be surprised by the variety! Whether fresh or dried - inulin, a valuable ingredient, is contained in all our Jerusalem artichoke products.

Health that tastes good

We offer unique Jerusalem artichoke products such as crackers, cookies and the popular Jerusalem artichoke noodles. Our aim is to offer simple, tasty and, above all, healthy options. We rely on small, manageable production structures to guarantee quality and freshness. With our versatile Jerusalem artichoke products, you can support a healthy and revitalizing diet all year round.

Versatility for your health and palate

Our range includes dried Jerusalem artichokes to enrich your dishes and salads, various baked goods, pasta, potato chips and, of course, the popular Jerusalem artichoke schnapps. Our muesli is a healthy and tasty choice for breakfast or as a snack between meals. In the health area, we offer special prebiotic products that ensure a regular supply of inulin.