Jerusalem Artichoke as a Medicinal Plant

Jerusalem artichoke is healthy and valuableJerusalem artichoke is known in the field of herbal medicine for its active ingredients which are especially helpful in the area of ​​metabolic diseases. In addition to the main active ingredient inulin, the tuber contains many vitamins, trace elements and minerals. For example, the fresh tuber contains more potassium than a banana. You can use the plant fresh, dried, as a tea or in excerpts.

Topinambur can help with diabetes, metabolic disorders, indigestion and diets as well as skin diseases.

Effect of Jerusalem artichoke

  • Jerusalem artichoke is:
    • has a stimulating and optimizing effect on the digestive process and intestinal health
    • has an appetite suppressant effect
    • hardly raises the blood sugar level
    • contains many valuable minerals and vitamins
    • can help with stomach problems and skin diseases
    • is rich in inulin, which is used successfully in diabetes therapy
    • is fresh, dried as a tea or capsule available

Proven home remedy

Jerusalem artichoke is a proven home remedy for numerous ailments. So help against gastrointestinal complaints a tea from Jerusalem artichoke flowers. Extracts of Jerusalem artichoke in a cream have a soothing effect on skin irritation and irritation. Thanks to the high salicylic acid content, Jerusalem artichoke can also be used as an antipyretic and light remedy for pain relief. The regular diet with Jerusalem artichoke has a significant positive influence on the metabolism

side effects

Ingestion of Jerusalem artichoke can cause bloating in sensitive individuals and, in rare cases, abdominal cramps. This reaction shows the effectiveness and the influence on the metabolism and is easiest avoided by a reduced intake. If you are sensitive you should not consume more than 50- 100g topinambur a day at the beginning. The body usually adapts quickly and the unpleasant flatulence disappears.

How to use Jerusalem artichoke at best

The best for your health is a varied, meat-reduced diet . In the months from October to April you can enrich your diet with fresh Jerusalem artichoke and thus benefit naturally and simply from the positive effect. For the uncomplicated inulin intake we offer topinambur capsules, flour and juice powder. We offer dried flowers and leaves as tea.

For intestinal health we offer a special topinambur intestinal cure .

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Recipes Jerusalem artichoke home remedies

Fresh tubers cure

Indication: In the case of Daibetes, for the optimization of the metabolism, for intestinal rehabilitation after antibiotics, for diet

  • Take a fresh, unpeeled (but well washed) tuber before each meal.
  • Application duration 2-4 weeks
  • Period: October to April

Drinking cure

Indication: In the case of Daibetes, for the optimization of the metabolism, for intestinal rehabilitation after antibiotics, for diet

  • Squeeze the juice of fresh tubers. Take the juice twice daily before the main meals. Alternatively, you can also use Jerusalem artichoke juice powder.
  • Application duration 2-3 weeks
  • Period: all year round

Jerusalem artichoke tea

Indications: upset stomach, indigestion, malaise, colds, headache

  • Mince the fresh or dried top of the Jerusalem artichoke and cook two tablespoons of it with about 0.5 liters of water. Allow the tea to drain overnight and sift it off before taking. Drink the tea evenly throughout the day.
  • Application period 2-4 weeks
  • Period: all year round

Blossoms tea

Indications: upset stomach, indigestion, malaise, colds, headache

  • Boil the 4 fresh or dried Jerusalem artichoke flowers with approx. 0.5l of water. Let the flower tea pull overnight. Drink the sieved tea throughout the day.
  • Application duration 2 weeks
  • Period: all year round

Topinambur nose drop

Indication: runny nose and cold

  • Freshly squeezed Jerusalem artichoke juice can trickle you with cold and cold in the nose

Jerusalem artichoke spa

Indication: skin diseases, eczema

  • Pour approx. 500 g of fresh or 150 g dried stems and leaves of Jerusalem artichoke with 3 l of hot water. Leave the infusion for several hours (preferably overnight). Pour the sieved infusion into her bath.
  • Application period weekly
  • Period: all year round

Jerusalem artichoke healing treatment

Indication: skin diseases, eczema

  • Finely grate a fresh tuber and make a print out of it. Place the cupped Jerusalem artichoke cup on the affected area of ​​the skin for 20 minutes.
  • Application period twice a day
  • Period: October to April

Jerusalem artichoke facial mask

Indication: blemishes

  • Grind two tubers to a fine mass. Apply the fine mass evenly as a mask on your face and let it work for 30 min. Then wash face with clear water.If necessary, apply a gentle and perfume-free vitamin cream.
  • Application period: 2 times a week over 5 weeks
  • Period: October to April

facial Toner

  • Use Jerusalem artichoke juice (pressed from the fresh tuber, or made from Jerusalem artichoke powder) regularly as a mild-acting tonic. Wash your face with clear water after about 30 minutes.

Our selection of Jerusalem artichoke products for diabetes, diet and colon cleansing support

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