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Like no other vegetables, the Jerusalem artichoke plant offers many possibilities for use. Diabetics appreciate Jerusalem artichoke as a medicinal plant for optimizing metabolic problems, top-notch tubers as a delicacy, lovers of burnt, clear brandy. The yellow sea of ​​flowers of the Jerusalem artichoke plant in autumn delights gardeners and numerous insects. As Wildacker the hunter uses the plant optimally for the game and the protection of the forest. The herb is biomass, building material and animal feed ... There are many excellent uses, but ignorance and the often-existing ignorance of Jerusalem artichoke contributes to this valuable gift of nature a misunderstood shadowy existence. So you can use Jerusalem artichoke as a medicinal plant for food and drink in the garden as Wildacker animal feed Jerusalem artichoke as a medicinal plant Jerusalem artichoke has great significance in traditional medicine with its enormous vitality. In folk medicine, it is used successfully for the treatment of various diseases and conditions. Jerusalem artichoke offers a gentle self-help - natural and effective! Topinambur has proven itself in the following areas Diabetes and diet Disorders of the digestive system increased gastric acid production Powerlessness, insomnia Eczema, dry skin All parts of the plant are used. Dried as a powder, as a fresh tuber or as a tea, use Jerusalem artichoke. The inulin contained in the tuber is the most effective substance of the popular medicinal plant. Products medicinal plant Jerusalem artichoke for eating and drinking The tubers are harvested in the winter time between late October and late April. Roasted, cooked, baked and also raw, Jerusalem artichoke is a versatile delicacy. As a starter or main course, dessert, salad or smoothies, with Jerusalem artichoke, you will always find a suitable recipe. Raw especially good Try to eat Jerusalem artichoke raw, you will be amazed. By the way, it is enough to brush off the thin bowl properly. You can save yourself the tedious shelling of the sometimes quite overgrown, knobbly tubers. Keep in mind that the valuable, high inulin content in the tuber initially stimulates intestinal activity. That's why we recommend you to get used to small amounts of Jerusalem artichoke at the beginning. Incidentally, this effect is what makes the tuber so valuable as a medicinal plant and therefore is so popular with diabetics. Jerusalem artichoke has a positive and activating effect on the metabolism. Good for digestion The roasted tubers are appreciated as topinambur schnapps, and topinambur Rossler and popular and are often taken after deftiven meals as a classic "digestive brandy". Products food and drink Jerusalem artichoke in the garden Jerusalem artichokes radiates a real zest for life, is vigorous and needs space and space accordingly. In the large garden, the plant is a beautiful solitary group. The up to 4 m high shrubs bloom in the fall over several weeks. The seeds do not usually ripen out with us, that's why Jerusalem artichoke is only propagated vegetatively over the tuber. For real self-catering Use the plant as a wind and visual protection, as a decorative solitary perennial group and consider the enormous vigor and size of the plant. Jerusalem artichoke is an excellent, absolutely frost hardy winter vegetable for the home garden and can remain at the appropriate place for decades without much effort and provide you with a healthy, delicious alternation for the kitchen. If you know how to handle the plant well, you will be amazed. planting instructions Buy fresh Jerusalem artichoke tubers Jerusalem artichoke as a game field for hunting Jerusalem artichoke is excellent as a wild field. Put the tubers into the prepared soil in early spring and you will receive an easy-care, perennial wild field. Wild animals like to take the herb as cover and appreciate the tubers in the high winter as a valuable source of food. Wild fish with Jerusalem artichoke reduce game bites and game damage in the forest. Information about Wildacker Much energy Enormously vigorous, Jerusalem artichoke is used as a renewable raw material. There are attempts to use it as an energy carrier and for the production of biofuels. The properties of the marrow-containing stems are used in the production of building materials. Buy wild game mix Jerusalem artichokes as animal feed All parts of the Jerusalem artichoke plant can be used as animal feed. Treat metabolic and intestinal diseases in animals successfully with Jerusalem artichoke. As food for pigs, Jerusalem artichoke leads to a demonstrably healthier animal population. Also dogs, chickens and rodents like chinchillas and rabbits benefit from the healthy tuber. We offer the dried cabbage as pellets for your pet. Buy animal feed Jerusalem artichoke You will be amazed! Jerusalem artichokes

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