Healthier Intestine with Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke is a valuable medicinal plant for intestinal healthThe intestine is a highly complex and wonderful organ. Unfortunately, the topic intestine has been treated very neglected and secretive. That changes in the last time. We are increasingly recognizing that the gut is the key to the body and mind, and that it contributes the most important contribution to our well-being and health next to our brains.

Healthy intestinal flora

In our digestive organ live up to 100 trillion bacteria responsible for food utilization and metabolic processes.They close our food, provide the body with the vital energy and strengthen our immune system. A healthy intestinal flora is significantly responsible for our overall health. There are up to 1000 different types of bacteria in the intestine. It's like in nature, the more diverse the species composition, the more stable and healthy we can live. Wrong or bad diet, stress and medications can negatively affect certain types of bacteria. The balance is disturbed and we become more susceptible to diseases and infections, have a stomachache or feel unwell. Topinamur can make a valuable contribution to intestinal rehabilitation after antibiotics and build up the intestinal flora for antibiotics.

Jerusalem artichoke has a positive effect on the intestinal flora - intestinal rehabilitation after antibiotics

The inulin contained in Jerusalem artichoke inulin bacteria are promoted especially in the colon and the "spectrum of species" is positively influenced.This can be useful, among other things, for intestinal rehabilitation after antibiotic treatment. Jerusalem artichoke can positively affect the intestinal flora and contribute to the stabilization and regeneration of the metabolism. Not in vain is topinambur popularly known as a diabetic potato.

Sensitive people may react with Jerusalem artichoke distension, which is due to the fact that the apparently neglected intestinal flora builds up and changes. After a short settling-in period, this process stabilizes and the unpleasant flatulence should disappear.

Norwegian scientists have found that certain strains of bacteria are more common and less absent in depressed patients. A healthy diet has a positive effect on the mood. Finished products and too much animal fat can promote the growth of bacteria that negatively impact our health.

If you have problems with the gut health, you should definitely move regularly, drink a lot and pay attention to a healthy balanced diet.

Jerusalem artichokes can optimally support you.

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