Jerusalem artichokes Fine stripes organic

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Jerusalem artichokes * Fine stripes are ideal for dishes, soups, salads and cereals. The fine stripes fit harmoniously into the food * from certified organic farming

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Great to combine and healthy

Jerusalem artichokes Fine strips are ideal as a healthy ingredient for dishes, soups, salads, cereals or even in the yogurt. Especially diabetics can optimize their diet with the Jerusalem artichoke fine stripes and benefit from the inulin contained in the Jerusalem artichoke. Discover the sweet, nutty flavor of Jerusalem artichoke. With the fine stripes you can of course also prepare dishes and thus have the opportunity to use local Jerusalem artichoke all year round. * prebiotic, strengthen the immune system * rich in inulin * simply delicious The bag contents of 200 gr equal the Mengealt of about 900 g of fresh Jerusalem artichoke. Dried Jerusalem artichoke is a 100% naturalProduct, because it is produced directly from the fresh tuber without procedural intermediate steps and without any additives. At the same time, the pulp is completely preserved with all stored ingredients.

Nutritional Analysis: Dried Jerusalem artichoke
(Strips, flour, granules, cubes, chips)
General Specification Jerusalem Artichoke Helianthus tuberosus type
Taste: typical, nutty, sweetish
Color: light brown-beige
Shelf life: 18 months
Purity: 100% Organic Jerusalem artichokes
Dry matter 96%
inulin 50g / 100g
Fructose 0,6g / 100g
Diffructose anhydrite 5g / 100g
Sucrose 4.1g / 100g,
Glucose 0,1g / 100g
Crude protein 7,7.3g / 100g,
Fat 0.4g / 100g
Ash 6.2g / 100g
Carbohydrates ges. 59.8g / 100g
Carbohydrates verd. 4.8g / 100g
Calorific value 221kJ / 100g
Calorific value 52kcal / 100g
Bread units 0.4 BE / 100g
Glycemic index 2.8%
Potassium (K) 2610mg / 100g
Phosphorus (P) 371mg / 100g
Calcium (Ca) 131mg / 100g
Magnesium (Mg) 69mg / 100g
Sulfur (S) 98mg / 100g
Sodium (Na) 9mg / 100g
Iron (Fe) 2.5mg / 100g
Copper (Cu) 0.7mg / 100g
Zinc (Zn) 1.9mg / 100g
Manganese {Mn) 6,59mg / kg
Selenium (Se) 0.02mg / kg
Pesticides undetectable
Aflatoxins (Bl, B2.G1.G2) undetectable

Hinweise:: organic certifiedfor diabeticsgluteen freevegansugar free
Product weight: 0,20 Kg
Contents:200,00 g
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