Jerusalem artichoke organic cube

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Dried Jerusalem artichokes for year-round use. Made from the variety Medius 200 g from certified organic farming

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Pure nature

Dried Jerusalem artichoke is a 100% natural product because it is produced directly from the fresh tuber without procedural intermediate steps and without any additives. At the same time, the pulp is completely preserved with all stored ingredients. With topinambur cubes you can now make delicious meals all year round without fresh Jerusalem artichokes. Some people like the cubes too. Try your favorite dish!

Good characteristics

100% Jerusalem artichoke from controlled organic farming 200 gr. Bag gluten free vegan sugar free contains valuable potassium and inulin

Various uses

Jerusalem artichoke cubes are versatileuse. Whether for cooking or baking or for cereal, Jerusalem artichoke cubes are just great. They are particularly delicious in soups, salads and wok and stir-fry dishes, while maintaining the essential positiv effect of the contained inulin despite heating. The dried Jerusalem artichoke is also used in fresh muesli. We advise you to swell the granules in water before use in muesli or lettuce.

Jerusalem artichoke granules for diabetics

Jerusalem artichoke is particularly suitable for diabetics due to its high percentage of inulin. Also, as diet food, the cubes are very suitable because they are low in calories and yet filling. The contained inulin has a positive effectpositive for the intestinal flora and is metabolically regulating. Jerusalem artichoke has many valuable vitamins, is rich in iron, potassium, vitamin B1, niacin, fiber and carbohydrates, making it a pure health miracle. Enjoy the miraculous tuber Jerusalem artichoke is hard to beat in terms of versatility and vitality. With the contained inulin, the tuber is particularly suitable for the diet of diabetics, as it quickly saturates without greatly increasing the blood sugar and thus hardly burdened the insulin secretion of the pancreas.

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