Active and Fit

Active and Fit with Jerusalem Artichoke

The plant is known in herbal medicine for its active ingredients that can lead to the relief of diseases and diseases. In addition to the main active ingredient inulin, the tuber contains many vitamins, trace elements and minerals. You can use the plant fresh, dried, as a tea or in excerpts. Jerusalem artichoke, not in vain known as a diabetic potato Topinambur can help with diabetes, metabolic disorders, indigestion and diets. This is due to the prebiotic effect on the metabolism and can thus contribute to the optimization and improvement of vital functions. There is hardly a plant that outperforms Jerusalem artichoke in terms of versatility. Highest vitality, excellent taste and outstanding ingredients characterize this fascinating plant. Jerusalem artichoke in particular gains in importance in diabetes, metabolic disorders, indigestion and diets.

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