Planting Tubers

 In the Garden and for the Hunt, a...

In the Garden and for the Hunt, a Plant with a lot of Potential

Whether in the home garden, as an ornamental plant or windbreak or on the Wildacker in the hunt. Jerusalem artichoke has something for everyone. The plant has enormous power and vitality and can reach up to 4 m in height. It hardly makes demands on the ground. Jerusalem artichoke seedlings are available from October to about the end of April. The plant is predominantly vegetative in Germany, ie propagated by the tuber. The seeds of Jerusalem artichoke are usually not mature. In the winter is season The time for planting tubers is from the end of October to about the end of April. For a fall, the autumn offers as well as the spring. Advantage of the autumn planting is that the plants can drive out at the optimum time and the ideal water supply is available. Jerusalem artichoke is absolutely frost hardy! Jerusalem artichokes as a ornamental and useful plant for the garden and for use as a high-quality plant for the Wildacker. Information about the Wildacker/> Use in the gardenNotes for cultivation
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