Jerusalem Artichoke; Excellent Plant...

Jerusalem Artichoke; Excellent Plant for the Near-Natural Game Acre

. The advantages for the hunter and the game are revealed by the enormous versatility of the plant. A topinambur endurance game protects soil cultivation and forms diversely ecologically valuable stands. The herb provides cover in the summer and autumn in the fall. The dead herb forms even in winter even an optimal cover for low and high game The frost hard tubers guarantee the whole winter a valuable and tasty Äsung. The Wildverbiss around the Jerusalem artichoke Wildacker and the adjacent areas can be clearly after The tubers drive once planted again and again and thus without maintenance effort persisting inventory Jerusalem artichoke is due to its stability and height an ideal windbreak, the attractive flowers form in late summer and In the beginning of autumn, a good bee-grazing tuna can be planted with little effort. Fertilization is not necessary and needs only moderate wild pressureJerusalem artichokes not to be fenced.

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